Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Business to Join Occupy Protest - Friday, Oct 28th at 4pm

As you're all quite aware, the occupation that started on Wall Street in New York has ballooned into a social movement, extending to a number of cities around the world, including Toronto. Although its cause ranges from corporate greed to social inequity to the financial crisis, the underlying theme is an immense discontent with our current socio-economic system. More than 33% of Americans are in support of Occupy Wall Street and anyone who might argue that this is not relevant to Canadians overlooks the clear reality that we are all subject to the whims of a global economic system, that social inequity in Canada has reached unprecedented levels, that Canadian debt levels are tops in the world, and, more generally, that businesses in today's economic system are increasingly prospering at the expense of society.

I'm showing my support for these protests because I believe business needs to be part of the conversation. I recently posted on my blog why all Business Schools around the world should be part of this:

My colleagues Andy Crane and Dirk Matten at the Schulich School of Business posted a blog on why the protests should be top of mind for business leaders and employees in general.

This is a call to business students, business professors, business graduates, and business employees to join my peaceful walk around downtown Toronto on Friday, October 28th beginning at 4pm in front of the St James Anglican Cathedral on the corner of Church Street and King Street (65 Church St.). Anyone who would like to join me, please meet me there.

For those of you not in or near Toronto, I encourage you as actors of business (e.g. graduates, employees, faculty, students) to join the conversation in your municipality.

Feel free to pass this along.

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