Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fox and Friends Latest on Climate Change Denial

Anyone who argues that Fox News is an objective, fair and balanced news network only has to take a look at the latest Fox and Friends episode on climate science. In the episode, they talk about the Department of Education's initiative to educate children on climate change using the Spongebob cartoon. On the Fox news channel screen read phrases like "Spongebog's Bias", "Cartoon blames man for global warming", and "Spongebob only tells one side of the debate". The subsequent comments from Fox's Steve Doocey and the sit-in across from him are absolutely ludicrous. There is no debate on the science, there is no concentration of scientists that believe climate change is not caused by humanity, manmade climate change is not unproven science, and, most importantly, this is not one of those natural "gigantic climactic phases".

Fox is consistently criticized for pushing a political debate on climate change and more generally for pushing a highly right-wing conservative ideology heavily influenced by those most in jeopardy of political action on climate change. You can see in their tone that their objective is not to convey fact but to sing the highly charged rhetoric of a few elite individuals and corporations. Fox is indeed one of the darkest institutions in global society today.

Take a look here at Gleick's criticism and the video

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