Friday, January 21, 2011

Stephen Colbert Makes Fun of PepsiCo's Tropolis

In previous blogs, I’ve discussed the inherent tension between our increasing realization that we should stick to raw and whole foods and the need of food and beverage companies to add value to these foods by processing and fortifying them. Stephen Colbert hilariously demonstrated this tension with a hammer and a banana, cleverly making fun of PepsiCo’s recent initiative to sell fruit puree in plastic non-recyclable containers by commending them for making it easier to eat such "difficult" food.

I wonder if PepsiCo realizes how absurd some of their initiatives are or whether they really think that they represent constructive members of society.

The interesting thing that comes out of this is that as food and beverage companies like PepsiCo attempt to demonstrate their commitment to real food, they may in fact make themselves obsolete. As Colbert nicely shows, why not just eat the apple!!

Have a look:

Colbert Clip on Comedy Network - Canadian audience
Colbert Clip on Colbert Nation - Non-Canadian audience

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