Thursday, October 7, 2010

PepsiCo Pulls Sunchips

PepsiCo (aka Frito-Lay) recently pulled the plug on their compostable chip bags, changing back 5 of the 6 sun chips flavors to traditional packaging, citing noise complaints from consumers as the main reason. Seems like the ecological benefits of the chip bag trump the noise burden that comes with it. If we’re seeing resistance to what, comparatively speaking, is a trivial sacrifice for environmental benefit, imagine the kind of resistance we’d see from more fundamental changes.

The Colbert Report presented a rather amusing spoof on this, extending it to resistance to wind farms. He goes on to suggest that to avoid the noise, we should build quiet coal technologies, and breakthroughs in silent oil. And when the coastal cities are underwater from the arctic ice melt, their wish for being quiet will be fulfilled. Hilarious!

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