Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Green Consumer Electronics; Green Building, and Agriculture in Detroit

A few informational linkages:

Can Farming Heal the City of Detroit? (Globe-Net, January 2010): Here’s a story that I think accurately captures the need for revolutionary thinking when addressing some of the looming and already existing social, ecological, and economic challenges of today. This article (linked below) discusses the potential for a city like Detroit, heavily impacted by the state of the auto sector and simultaneously viewed as a major contributor to global warming through its manufacturing of consumer vehicles, to revolutionize its economy through farming. Could you imagine? A city engages in a dramatic shift in identity and image from being the automotive hub of the US to the agricultural hub of the US?

Whether or not this will work is less important I think than the symbolism inherent in the very idea of cities, industries, organizations, and individuals engaging in revolutionary change.

Greenpeace ranks the consumer electronics industry on green commitments (Globe-Net, 2010): Interesting to see Greanpeace’s ranking of the consumer electronics’ commitment to green practices (see link below). Notice though that they are only using chemical substances in their ranking criteria with no mention of other dimensions such as packaging, transportation footprint, and recycling efforts. It’s unfortunate that the highest rated company – Nokia – is only at a 7.3. Lots of areas for improvement.

Top Ten Green Building Trends for 2010 (Globe-Net, January 2010): Very cool trends for those interested in the green building industry.

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